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Coronavirus 6 UK Government 0

When the Covid 19 pandemic started to gather some traction in the UK which lead to the first lockdown on the 23rd March 2020, one of the things I found laughable was the pure arrogance of not only the government and so called experts,  in their attempts to control this virus!!!

As most members of the government can't even control themselves how are they going to control a nano particle organism???

Let's be honest it's not as if they have managed to control the common cold and/or flu, I mean they have not even come up with an effective flu jab.

So now 7 months on, everyone is getting all hot and bothered over the announcement of a new mRNA vaccine for the Covid 19 virus.

And then out of the blue the government announces that this little pesky tricksy virus, has the audacity to go and mutate into various strains, back in Spetember!!!

Well, well, well anyone how studied basic science at school, would know that's what viruses do, as a way of staying alive, its part of their evolutionary process, and to be quite honest if this coronavirus hadn't mutated I would have been very surprised at least, and known that Covid wasn't a virus at all.

As the latest impositions of civil liberties are being discussed and planned for the UK in the run up to Christmas, by the government, the question then becomes......

Covid 19 Safety Measures of 2020

This also raises another conundum, will the current batch of vaccines be effective against the latest strain?

The definition of insanity and/or stupidity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result.

What are your thoughts on this?

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