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Is our Democratic System an Illusion?

I have just returned  from the polling station, where I cast my vote for the local council elections and the UK general elections for 2010.  As I stood in the voting booth, with my 2 polling cards, I had to think long and hard.  It took me 3 minutes, for me to just select my first candidate.

The last time I voted in the UK General elections was an easy decision.  The Conservatives had been in power for a relatively long time, and they had become complacent, riddled with sleaze and scandals, and had forgotten that they are servants of the British public.

It was for this reason, I decided to vote Labour, I was not caught up with the media circus "Things can only get better", "Education, education, education" and "Tough on Crime, Tough on the causes of Crime", that was the basis of Tony Blairís New Labour spin-doctored campaign, and in the last 13 years I now can see what a disastrous decision that was, but in real terms what was the alternative?

This time round it was going to be different, I was going to make an informed decision in whom I was going to vote for, the future of the UK is now at stake.

I was thankful, that there was only going to be 3 weeks of hard-core electioneering going on this time, but it soon became clear me that the 2010 general elections was going to be a highly controlled choreographed smoke and mirrors affair, where real people was not going to get anyway near their politicians, to ask them the real issues that face this country.

I was so disappointed in times like this we need REAL leaders who can be truthful, honest, open, make decisions and can stand behind and argue their policies.

I read the party manifestos, which did not make anything any clearer, apart from the fact, the figures did not stack up and I have lost hours of my life that I will never get back, on this nonsense.

The problem is that the British public is always on presented with two main political parties, the Conservatives and Labour, with the Liberal Democrats bringing up the rear, but in reality when looking at the political parties and their leaders, I noticed that they:

  • Are the same,
  • Think the same,
  • Sound the same,
  • Act the same,
  • Are all interconnected,
  • Do not listen to us,
  • Do not care about what we think and/or say,
  • All form part of the same network and
  • Serve the same masters.

It was almost looking at a school's football team where you have the 1st team, the 2nd team and the reserves.  I leave you to decide which political party is which team.

It is noticeable that not one of them was not tainted by the MP's expenses scandal, all stated that they did nothing wrong, as it was done by the rules.

All because the rules says itís OK, does not make it right.  Where is the moral and ethical judgement of these people that are supposed to represent us?

Gordon Brown's reaction to Mrs Gillian Duffy asking him questions, that most of the British electorate want to know the answers to, was very telling and enlightening, and begs the question:

  • How many MPs hold the British public with such disregard and distain? 
  • Are we just peasants that need to be appeased once every 5 years, to continue their gravy train of self interest?

In the 3 weeks of the election campaign, I did not see one of the seven candidates standing for parliament, or one of the six candidates standing for the local elections.  Why is this?

I had a couple of leaflets through the door, which are now in the recycling bin, and one candidate, sent theirs through the post, that was a waste of postage, but I was amused when the contents concentrated on the education of my children.  If they knew me they would know I do not have any children, so currently education is quite low down on my list of issues at the moment.

So after 5 minutes looking at the polling cards, I had to make a decision. 

  • I had not met any of them,
  • I do not know what half of them look like,
  • I do not know what they really stand for,
  • I do not know what motivates them or
  • I do not know how they are going to help the community?

So I decided to look at which candidates lived in my local area.  If you are going to represent me in the local council or the houses of parliament, you need to live, breathe, understand and experience my reality, before you vote on decisions that are going impact on my life.

The question is how much choice do we really have in our democratic system?


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